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Robert Leslie FIELDING -CV



MSc: Teaching English/ESP (Aston University 1997)
Dissertation: 'Students' Use of Lexical Phrases in Writing as an Indicator of Degree of Exposure to Target Language.'
Subjects studied: Materials Analysis & Production
Methods of Text and Discourse Analysis
Curriculum & Syllabus Design
Lexical Studies
Teaching Methodology (ELT)
Linguistic Varieties
Self-access & Distance Learning
Descriptions of Modern English

BA (Hons) Organisational Studies and Linguistics (Lancaster University 1987)

RSA Cert TEFL. (Pilgrims 1986)

City and Guilds of London Institute: Full Technological Certificate in Mechanical Engineering Production
(Oldham College of Technology 1972)


Teaching English Oxford University Press
'An Introduction to Writing Articles'
'Teaching Students How to Focus on Topics'
'The Teacher is a Learner and the Learner is a Teacher'
'Learning to Read the World: Using Literature in the Language Classroom'
'Oguz Nesil' Journal of Turkmen Turkish Educational Organization
'Lexical phrases and Native Language Interference in Writing'
'Bil Lingua' Bilkent University School of English Language Teaching Journal
'Language, Writing, and Creativity'
Applied Linguistics
'Communicative Coherence: A Different Approach to Teaching Grammar'
'Re-ordering and Re-combining: Manipulating Language to Re-draft
'Forum' ELT Journal
'A Place for Eponyms in English Language Teaching
‘Forum’ Sultan Qaboos University Journal of English Language Teaching
Short stories: Dracula’s Birthplace
Warmth in Winter
The Name of the Rows
The Eskimo Widow
Academic articles: Students’ Errors and their Implications for Syllabus design
The digital future
Using authentic language in the classroom

‘Reflections’ Journal of Sultan Qaboos University
Short Story: ‘Reactions’
Article: ‘Cryptic clues to the pigeon-holes of the mind’
New York Times:
'Changes Britain'
Cyprus Today
‘GAP’: Pumping Prosperity to Turkey'
Turkish Daily News
'Cinema and Society'
Oldham Evening Chronicle
'Greenery and Friendliness in a Furnace: The Sudan'
'Ginger's Tale'
The travels of a family and their cat - available at & (Enter Robert Leslie Fielding in Book Search)

‘Other people-other worlds’
The collected short stories of Robert Leslie Fielding - available at & (Enter Robert Leslie Fielding in Book Search)

Gulf News ‘Notes’

Writing is discovering
How to be creative with words
The advantages of working in groups
Taking exams
Becoming a student
Avoiding fallacious arguments (forthcoming)
‘Plan, plan, plan!’: Time management for students

British citizen/Native speaker


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