Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Ways to get your stress levels down

Ways to get your stress levels down if you’re a teacher


Robert Leslie Fielding

Teaching is a wonderful profession; it can be and usually is very enjoyable and rewarding, but it can be the worst job too – frustrating and stressful.  

Teaching is also like appearing on stage;  when you’re on, you’re on – there are no easy days – no days when the students leave you alone – why should they –you’re their teacher, right!

Teaching is stressful most of the time, but there are ways of coping – not just coping, but dealing with stress and getting it down to acceptable levels.  

Here they are:-

  1. Drink plenty of water
Good advice everywhere – not just in hot climates.
  1. Don’t skip meals
Going without food should not be an option when time is tight.  If your blood sugar levels get too low, you’ll feel tired very quickly, compounding your problems in class.
  1. Take vitamins regularly
Taking multivitamins regularly helps you fight off colds in winter (Vitamin C) and keeps you calm (Vitamin B)
  1. Eat iron-rich food
Women are more prone to iron-deficiency than men are – eat dark leafy greens such as spinach and lean red meat
  1. Cut out caffeine
Coffee and some soft drinks contain this stuff that keeps you awake at night – too much caffeine is definitely not good for you
  1. Don’t smoke
This one is obvious – the evils of smoking are well documented and should be known to everyone – if you smoke but can’t stop – get help
  1. Do some physical exercise
Swimming is the best, it doesn’t jar your bones like jogging does.  Cycling is good but where can you do it safely.  Make time for a daily work out – it pays off.
  1. Don’t sit for too long
Energy levels will drop if you sit for too long – get up – walk about – take regular breaks from sitting at your desk – walk about in the classroom too
  1. Have more fun
Laughter is the best medicine – so is having fun, which leads to laughter.  Having fun makes your heart light, puts bad times into perspective – have fun and then have some more – every day
  1. Try to be cheerful and happy
You are a child of the Universe -  you have a right to be here – all that!  Be happy, live longer and better.

Follow these 10 tips and notice the way your life changes – your students will notice it too – they’ll react more positively to you – you’ll do the same to them and your stress will vanish and stay away for longer and longer.  Teachers, teach yourself something for a change.
Robert L. Fielding


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