Monday, February 06, 2006

Class Survey

Class Survey: Sections 809 and 810 (Level 3 Writing) at UAE University

Students in classes 809 and 810 conducted class surveys today (2006-01-31).

Here are some of their questions concerning the difficulties students face learning English. Please feel free to comment AND/OR ADD SOME QUESTIONS!

1. Do you have any difficulty with writing?
2. Can you understand English when it is spoken quickly?
3. Do you like studying English alone?
4. Are you getting help practicing English in the ILC?
5. Would you like to get help from your friends?
6. Are you interested in English stories?
7. Is learning English vocabulary easy for you?
8. Do you like writing?
9. Do you use a dictionary?
10. Do you learn English from movies?
11. Have you met any foreign people before?
12. Can you spell words easily?
13. Have you any problems listening to English?
14. Can you write paragraphs?
15. Do you have difficulty with parts of speech?
16. Do you speak English frequently?
17. Do you have difficulty speaking in English?



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