Wednesday, May 31, 2006



As this blog gets bigger and bigger, as more and more pages are added, it becomes a resource for students, which was my intention when I first began it.

Since that time, my students have returned again and again to it, but now, instead of reading the first page, they have begun to delve deeper into it; open archived material, and discover pages they never knew existed.

As this blog is written mostly in the present tense, its themes are current themes, rather than narratives about what happened to me this morning, last night, or last month; they aren’t organized chronologically, except in as much as the times and dates they were added order them.

Supposing I started to re-organize the site, deleting and then resubmitting the deleted items so that what had previously been first appeared last and vice versa, that new order would be no more appropriate than the present one.

You can dip into the water where you like, but this stretch is no different than one twenty feet away.  You can take this piece of stone from this part of the quarry, but only its shape and its weight will be different.

What I am trying to say, albeit in a round about way, is that this blogsite contains stuff you probably haven’t even seen yet.  Nevertheless, it is there for you to find, read and enjoy, and to hopefully learn from.  
Good luck!
Happy hunting!
Robert L. Fielding  


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