Monday, September 04, 2006

Know who you are writing to before you start to write.

Class 923 - hello - read this - it should help you with your homework!
Look at the two letters below. Who do you think they are addressed to? Why has each letter been written? What do you notice about the language, the vocabulary, grammar, word and sentence length?
Dear Sir,
I would like to recommend Mr. Tim Shaw to you. Tim is 29 years of age, and lives with his wife and two children in Dubai, where he is a systems analyst for a major software company operating out of the Middle East.

Tim has a PhD in Computer Programming from Aston University in the UK. He has a great deal of experience; I believe he has held his present position for the past four years, and only wishes to leave to broaden his already extensive experience.

Tim is a very responsible and reliable person, who is both scrupulously honest and very trustworthy indeed.
I have consequently no hesitation in recommending him to you, and hope you are able to meet him.
Yours sincerely

Robert L Fielding

Hi there,
Hope you’ve met Tim. He’s a really nice guy, 29, married to Joyce, they've a couple of great kids, by the way.

He lives in the Gulf – Dubai, I think, and he’s got a great job out there – something to do with computers. Tim got a good degree from Aston Uni in Birmingham, and since then he’s been working in Dubai for four years, working hard and enjoying life. He wants to get on, which is why he wants out.

Tim’s dead dependable – you can trust him, that’s why I think you should try to talk to him – you’ll like him.
See you later.

Rob Fielding

Robert L Fielding


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