Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sample Essay for Level 2 Writing

Traffic is a big problem in Dubai. What can be done to solve this problem?

Traffic has become part of our daily life; we experience its effects every day going to work and coming home again. However, in Dubai, it has become a major problem: it wastes people’s time, disrupts the flow of the city, and pollutes it as well.

There are three main solutions to this problem: to begin imposing tolls on major highways in the city, to encourage car sharing at rush hour, or to provide cheap, public transport systems to remove some of the load on main arterial highways at certain times of day.

The first solution suggested is to install toll booths on major roads so that commuters have to pay to use that particular road at a particular time. These same roads could be toll-free at other, non-peak hours through the middle of the day, for instance.

If this was done, people traveling to work would be encouraged to seek other means of getting to and from their place of work. It could also have the unfortunate effect though of making other, toll-free roads busier, just removing the problem to a slightly different location in the city.

London has instigated a system whereby motorists are forced to pay heavy fines for entering certain parts of the inner city at certain times of the day. This has significantly reduced traffic congestion in those areas, though it is understandably unpopular with drivers who live or work in these areas.

The second solution mentioned above is to encourage car-sharing in the city. People usually travel alone in their cars, and this inevitably leads to heavy congestion at peak times. If people living and working in similar areas could be encouraged to share cars, traffic jams would surely become a thing of the past.

Unfortunately, there is little evidence that such a scheme works as so few people actually share their transport to and from work.

The third and final solution mentioned above is to provide cheap transit systems along popular routes and to busy inner city locales. Dubai is now constructing a Metro system that will operate from Dubai Airport to Jebel Ali, with stations serving the major business districts and shopping centres.

This should alleviate some of the problems experienced daily by commuters in Dubai, though it remains to be seen whether everybody will use it, and whether it is big enough to cope with such numbers.

In conclusion, although there are most probably many solutions to the problems caused by traffic in Dubai, very few have actually been tried. The suggested solutions above: the imposition of toll roads, the provision of more public transport, and the encouraging of car sharing could be tried in Dubai. If they were, we might find travelling and working in the city much more enjoyable and much less time consuming.
Robert L. Fielding


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