Thursday, July 19, 2007

Internet Classroom Assistant - User's Guide


The Internet Classroom Assistant (ICA) is a simple system that can be used by teachers and tutors to pass on information to students, and for students to pass on their work to their tutors.

It is a free site, designed in the early years of the Internet when the dominant ethos was sharing.

ICA is user friendly and simple to operate. It has a number of features: it allows link sharing, conferencing, provision of class schedules and an additional feature whereby students can deposit written work for their tutors to read and comment on.

It is a secure system, working on a password and username, and a class number, which includes both numbers and letters.

Teachers may create as many classes as they like, and students can access them, once the tutor provides them with the class number referred to above.

1. To access ICA, log on to
2. For teachers – Click on CREATE A CLASS
3. For students - Click on JOIN A CLASS
4. Enter a USERNAME and PASSWORD (remember these)
5. For teachers – you will be asked to provide the following information:
Ø Username
Ø Password
Ø Class name
Ø Email address
Ø Your first name
Ø Your last name

6. Follow the steps until you are given a class number to give to your students – that’s it.

7. For students – follow steps (1) (3) (4) above and then type in the number your teacher gave you.

NB. If you type in the wrong number, the system will not let you in.

Teachers - my advice is to try it, click on the links down the left hand side of the page and see what they do – it is very, very, easy to use.

Students – Select all (Ctrl +A) copy (Ctrl + C) and paste into the page (Ctrl + V)
Robert L. Fielding


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