Thursday, September 27, 2007

University Writing Centers

Writing Center websites

I have put together this guide to online Writing Centers at various universities, with links to them.

i) Brown University -
ii) Colorado State University - Look around this site – look at the drop down menus from the green toolbar at the top of the homepage. Look at what is offered to students who have to log in to gain access.
iii) The Purdue Online Writing Lab - This is not affiliated to any particular university (I think), but it does provide a lot of support for writing students needing help. We could provide links to sites like this with written guides such as this one to help students locate what they want.
iv) Temple University - I particularly like the link ‘What’s new in the Writing Centre’ with links for students and instructors.
v) The University Writing Centre - This link will take to a section on Business Writing, which we mentioned at our meeting today. – entitled: What is the
purpose of the Writing Centre? an excellent site.
NB: Admittedly, all the sites above are mainly for students whose first language is English, though there are many Spanish users at American universities.

Finally, please go to to see what one individual website can offer to students of English generally. This site offers all sorts of help:-

Ø Glossaries
Ø Sites that help students create their own graphs and charts
Ø Sites to access world newspapers
Ø Help with phonetic symbols
Ø Vocabulary (use, register and variety)
Ø Homepage of Study Guides and Strategies
Ø Keeping a reflective journal – something you can do for the rest of your life
Ø Style Manual for everything from how to punctuate sentences to when to use italics in your writing
Ø Untangling the web – help with online research
Ø UGRU Concordancer
Ø And many, many more. Take a look at
Robert L. Fielding


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