Friday, September 19, 2008

A story for my students - 'The Eye-witness' - Part One

The eye-witness
Part 1


Robert L. Fielding
Students - read the first part of the story and answer the questions at the end.

Annie was playing the piano. Her mother was in the kitchen making dinner. It was 5.30 in the afternoon and most of the kids were still outside.

Annie continued to play her piano. She was trying to play a tune her music teacher had taught her. She was concentrating and looking at the music on the sheet in front of her.

Annie turned her head towards the open window. It was just beginning to go dark and the kids were going home to for dinner. Annie was an only child – she didn’t have any brothers or sisters.

She stopped playing the piano. She thought she heard her mother’s voice.
“Mummy,” she shouted.“ Are you OK?”

There was no reply.
“She must be cooking,” Annie thought, and looked back at the music. She began to play again.

Gill, Annie’s mother, was in the kitchen preparing a salad. She liked to hear her daughter play the piano as she worked.
“Those piano lessons are expensive,” she thought, “but they are worth it. Annie is improving. She has talent, she can play tunes easily and she learns very quickly, and she’s only 11 years old.” Gill smiled to herself. She was proud of her clever daughter.

Dinner was nearly ready. Gill opened the oven door to look at the chicken roasting gently. It was nearly done. She knew Annie would be hungry. She was hungry too.

The music stopped. The house was suddenly very quiet.
“Annie,” shouted her mother. “Dinner’s ready. Stop playing now, let’s eat,” then she added, “But wash your hands first, please.”
There was still no sound. Gill moved towards the kitchen door.
“I thought she said she was hungry.” she said to herself quietly.

As she opened the kitchen door, she heard her daughter crying out.
“Mummy, they’re hurting me!”
Gill rushed into the lounge. Annie wasn’t there. The front door was wide open. Annie’s sheets of music were lying on the garden path outside. Annie had disappeared.

Q1. What could have happened to Annie?
Q2. Where could she be?
Q3. Who could have taken her?
Q4. Will she be OK?
Write and let me know what you think are the answers to these questions.

Send your answers in a short paragraph to me at
Robert L. Fielding


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