Friday, June 10, 2011

The Dog Days Are Over

‘18 Days’
The UAEU Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
The First Outdoor Production at the New UAEU Campus
Outdoor Amphitheatre Tuesday June 7th 2011
In a wildly energetic flurry of song, cheering and shouted slogans, students of the FHSS Fundamentals of Stage Production Class began this ‘Orwell meets Florence and the Machine production’ directed by Dr. Jim Mirrione, ably assisted by Graeme Tennent and with guest appearances by faculty members and artists from English Literature, Fine Arts, Mass Communication and the House of Arts.

Combining choral chanting with individual vocals, the troupe cascaded down into the amphitheatre and filled our ears with sound – taunting the leader, cowed by guards, triumphal in victory – mourning a slain comrade before exulting in their new found freedom.

Rarely have Bernard Shaw, Plato and Mussolini been quoted on the same platform, I imagine, but they were tonight, in this utterly fascinating take on events that have held us enthralled for months now.

Specifics were omitted, sensibly, but the values that were extolled and celebrated; the evils denigrated, were clear and plain. The swansong summed up the emotions swelling continually to the surface in this marvelous evening’s entertaining education – ‘The dog days are over!’
Robert L. Fielding
Catch the song - The Dog Days Are Over by Florence and the Machine


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