Saturday, January 14, 2006

Can you make a difference in different ways - pass it forward - again

Can you make a difference in different ways? Try to – it will make a difference to your life
Robert L. Fielding 19.12.2005

Today we have been reading how Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda, and Irish singing star, Bono, have been making a big difference to people ’ s lives. In a different way, UAE National, Ebrahim Mohammed Redha Al Balooshi, has also made a difference – he has found new pride, job satisfaction, and the respect of his family by becoming a fishmonger – “ showing people another side of my country, ” was how he put it. Ebrahim ’ s achievements may not be as newsworthy as Bill and Melinda Gates ’ , but they are his way of doing something worthwhile to help others whilst doing what he has to do to earn a living. If you ask all four people, they will surely tell you that their lives have been enriched because of their efforts to help others. This is no trick – real happiness and contentment come from connecting with other people – family and friends, sure, but other people you meet and talk to as well. Selfishness, however, isolates and prejudices a person inclined to think of himself first, second and third. He becomes disconnected from his neighbours and the rest of us. This way of living leads to great unhappiness, but seems at times to be the way the world lives. Ask Bill gates, the world ’ s richest man, what makes his day – he can have anything he desires – do anything he wants to do – go anywhere he wants to go – but contentment, he will tell you, truly comes, not from topping oneself up with physical comforts, but from cerebral activity, and that includes the quality of altruism – thinking of others and then doing something to make a difference. The cinema box-office success ‘ Pay it Forward ’ showed us very clearly that trying to improve some aspect of other people ’ s lives really pays off – both for recipient of the kindness and donor. Why not join this elite band of people and try to make a difference to someone ’ s life – do it today – everyday – you ’ ll enjoy doing it and it WILL enrich your life.. 340 words Robert L. Fielding


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