Monday, February 06, 2006

Links to useful sites of interest to many

Links to useful sites

  1. Online etymological dictionary:

  2. An English language interactive website

  3. Blackwell Publishing – List of academic journals:

  4. Ohio State University, a place to start your research:

  5. The New York Times Knowledge Network homepage:

  6. Personal Health Advice and Information:

  7. The Phrase Finder:

  8. The UGRU Online Journal:

  9. A world of words in Ask Oxford:

  10. Guide to old poetry online:

  11. History online at

  12. Writers Room at the BBC:

  13. How to create your own blog – start here:-

  14. Dictionaries:

  15. Collocation Search (for teachers and students):

  16. Visit UGRU’s Concordance  Website at

  17. Career options:

  18. Index of English Literature:

  19. Food and Nutrition Information Centre:

  20. Resources for teachers -

  21. Spelling Courses:

  22. A great site for fun with words:

  23. Ideas For Writers:

  24. English Dictation Exercises:

  25. Links and Resources for Writers:

  26. Science collections:

  27. More on SPELLING:

  28. Stress Management:

  29. Grammar Resource for teachers:

  30. Help with writing paragraphs and essays:

  31. Website design tutorial:

  32. Word Games:

  33. Links for word sources:

  34. Writers’ News:

  35. Writers Digest:

  36. Essay Writing tips:

  37. Derbyshire – My personal favourite:

  38. Take a look at my part of England:

  39. Ginger’s Tail & Other people-Other Worlds by Robert Leslie Fielding:
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At 12:09 PM , Blogger Ullrick said...

Very useful when writing limericks!!


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