Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Finding Your True Potential

Calculating your chances of being a genius

Genius is born and not made – that may be true, but yet you may have the potential to be a genius; most people are not aware – never become aware – of their true potential. The people we call genius – Mozart, Einstein and Newton were fortunate – they were encouraged to be the best they could, and they instinctively knew they had a rare gift – and followed their talents to achieve greatness.

The question still remains; have you got what it takes to become a genius – if not a child prodigy like Mozart, then a genius in embryo, only needing the right conditions and some fortune.

Try this test. Give yourself a score on each of the following qualities. Find your strengths and your less strong points. Once you know the areas where you are not as strong, you can work at improving those facets of your character or those skills to activate the potential God gave you.

1. Vision
If you know what your ultimate goals in life are and can clearly see the path you will take to achieve that goal, score 100.

2. Desire
If you have an overriding desire to succeed – if it is a burning hunger, score 100.

3. Faith
If you have a belief in yourself and what you are doing, what you can achieve and how to get there, score 100.

4. Commitment
If you are totally committed to acting upon your vision, can state this openly and truthfully, score 100.

5. Planning
If you know your short, medium, and long term plans, focusing on your overall vision, score 100.

6. Persistence
If you can keep going, can make progress despite occasional adversity, score 100.

7. Learning from mistakes
If you look upon your mistakes as learning opportunities and learn from them, score 100.

8. Subject knowledge
If you have a grasp of your particular subject area and a thirst for knowledge of the things you don’t yet know, score 100.

9. Mental literacy
If you understand how your mind works; how you learn best, how you recall and store information, score 100.

10. Imagination
If you can create internal images (imagine) and work from them to create reality, score 100.

11. Positive attitude
If you are enthusiastic, realistic and positive about your abilities and are open to every opportunity to explore, score 100.

12. Auto-suggestion
If you can ‘talk to yourself’ in a positive way, telling yourself, “I can do it!” score 100.

13. Intuition
If you can sense or feel the possibilities and probabilities of accomplishing something, score 100.

14. Mastermind group (real)
If you have close friends around you who are talented and who encourage your talents, score 100.

15. Mastermind group (mental)
If you have internal role models who you look to emulate and you take encouragement from their example, score 100.

16. Truth/honesty
If you are true to yourself and to everyone around you, and are true to the concept of truth, score 100.

17. Facing fears/courage
If you are capable of facing your fears rather than pretending they don’t exist, and can face adversity, score 100.

18. Creativity/flexibility
If you are capable of thinking in different ways to solve problems or create, score 100.

19. Love of the task
If you love setting yourselves tasks and completing them, score 100.

20. Energy (physical/mental)
If you have boundless amounts of energy; to act and to think, score 100.

Rate yourself now, and in two months time. Look at your scores and work on bringing them up. Be honest with this. If you have no ability in one area, give yourself a zero, and then work at getting some points. If you are going to achieve your true potential, you will need honesty and determination.

Source: Tony Buzan’s Book of Genius BCA Bristol Robert L. Fielding


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