Thursday, February 15, 2007

Flow-charts - links

Flow-chart links
Here are some useful links connecting sites about flow-charts - for teachers and students.
A brief description of a flow-chart
Symbols used in flow-charts
This is a download (free) for creating your own flow-chart
Microsoft flow-chart information
This site explains why flow-charts are used, and gives examples of different types.
Here are some links to a concordance website. This site shows you how a word is used by writers and speakers. The concorance site is at the following link:
Enter your word next in the empty box to the right of Keyword(s) - equal to, and then click
Get Concordance
The word you have chosen will appear in the middle of the page in blue. Look at the different ways this word is used in different contexts and with slightly different meanings.
Ask your teacher, if you are not sure how to use this site.

Robert L. Fielding


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