Saturday, July 21, 2007

Interactive Grammar Sites

The sites listed below are interactive – you choose a solution to a problem, and get the answer later.
Here are the site details:-
Irregular VerbsPronoun CaseCommon ErrorsAdjective/AdverbReading SkillsSubj/V AgreementParts of SpeechWord FormThe Deadly `ed'"S" ProblemsTransitivity of VerbsGerund / InfinitiveRe-expression IRe-expression IIInversionSentence TypesSentence Analysis Adjectives Relative Pronouns The Overall Quiz

2. Purdue online
English as a Second Language
Adjective or Adverb: Exercise 1
Adjective or Adverb: Exercise 2
Prepositions of Direction: To, On (to), In (to)
Prepositions of Location: At, In, On
Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling
Accept and Except Practice
Affect and Effect Practice
Apostrophes: Exercise 1
Apostrophes: Exercise 2
Commas vs. Semicolons: Exercise 1
Commas vs. Semicolons: Exercise 2
Commas with Nonessential Elements: Exercise 1
Commas with Nonessential Elements: Exercise 2
Commas with Nonessential Elements: Exercise 3
I/E Spelling Rules: Exercise 1
I/E Spelling Rules: Exercise 2
I/E Spelling Rules: Exercise 3
I/E Spelling Rules: Exercise 4
Sentence Fragments: Exercise 1
Using Commas: Exercise 1
Using Commas: Exercise 2
Using Commas: Exercise 3
Using Commas: Exercise 4
Using Commas: Exercise 5
Words that Sound Alike: Exercise 1
Grammar and writing guides on this amazing site
This site covers everything you could ever need – from pages on plagiarism and how to avoid it, to pronouns and how to use them. It also contains several excellent Powerpoint presentations to be used in class.

Grammar Interactive Exercises
Exercise 1: Noun-Verb Agreement
Exercise 2: Agreement with Trick Singular Nouns and Pronouns
Exercise 3: Agreement When Words Come between the Noun and Verb
Exercise 4: Noun-Pronoun Agreement
Exercise 5: Pronoun Agreement with Other Pronouns
Exercise 6: Pronoun Reference
Exercise 7: Adverbs and Adjectives
Exercise 8: Verb Agreement with Other Verbs - Tense
Exercise 9: Words and Phrases in a Series (Parallelism)
Exercise 10: Compound and Complex Sentences
Exercise 11: Sentence Fragments
Exercise 12: Run-On Sentences
Exercise 13: Active & Passive Voice
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