Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Answers to questions on the WP2 Worksheet

Writing Project 2 - a worksheet for Level 2 students

Answer the questions below – look in Writing Project 2 to find the answers

Page 4 –
1. Who wrote ‘A tough job’? Abdulah Khabisi
2. Where did it appear? Gulf News: Lifestyles
3. When? 10/10/2007
4. What is the article about? The problems that face policemen.
5. What solutions have been suggested? i) Cars that put less pollution into the air.
ii) Walled construction site
iii) Police can wear masks
Page 6 –
1. Where do these tables come from? A website
2. How old is the data? i) Table 1 – 1992 (UK), and 1995 (UAE)
ii) Table 2 – 1991 – 1995
3. Table 1 – What are ‘fatalities’? Deaths
4. Which country has the higher death rates? UAE
5. By a factor of how many? Approximately 6
6. Which of the two countries had the higher number of deaths on the roads in both periods? UK
7. Why? Because the UK had far more vehicles/people driving than the UAE, and far a greater number of miles travelled in vehicles.
Table 2
How many people died in road related accidents in 1991? 490
What was the percentage? 11.9%
What is that a percentage of? Causes of death in 1991.
Did that situation improve in 1995? No, it worsened.
What were the figures for 1995? 563 – 11.6%
Does the table explain that? No
Page 7
Where did this chart come from? From The International Association of Insurers
When was it produced? No given
What happens after a road traffic accident? Victims are taken to hospital by ambulance.
When are people released from hospital? After their condition has stabilized.

Page 8 –
What are ‘fatal crashes’? Crashes in which someone died.
How many deaths a month were there in 2004? 17
How many were there in 2005? 19
By how much did traffic injuries increase between November 2004 and November 2005? 17%
How many injuries were there in 2004? 211
How many were there in 2005? 247

Page 9 –
When was this published? 01/23/2006 at 12am.
What is strange about the majority of traffic violations in Sharjah in the first half of 2006? They involved motorists hitting stationary vehicles.
What does ‘stationary’ mean? Not moving
Page 10 –
How old is this article? More than one year old.
What does the report say is the objective of Dubai police? To keep racing off the streets.
Who is racing? Not given
What was the name of the initiative? ‘Road Peace’

Page 11 –
What is a decade? 10 years
How many people were killed on Dubai roads between 1996 and 2006? 1,770
How many people were injured during the same period/ 25, 086
How many were serious injuries? 966
How many pedestrians were injured in this period? 4,472

Page 12 –
Where can you read this article? Online
Who wrote it? Alia Al Theeb
What three reasons are given as the main reasons for fatal accidents?
i) Lack of consideration for other motorists
ii) Driving under the influence of alcohol
iii) Not keeping enough space between cars
What other violations were reported by the police?
i) Driving on the hard shoulder
ii) Blocking traffic
iii) Driving with out of date registration or licenses
iv) Not leaving enough space
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