Monday, June 08, 2009

10 Myths about being creative

Creativity is the buzz-word at the moment. We are only going to get out of the mess we’re in by being creative, it seems. So, before we start, let’s dispose of a few myths about creativity!
1. I’m not creative.
Who told you that – probably yourself, and self-fulfilling prophecies usually come true! Throw that particular bit of creativity out and use your imagination – you do have one.
2. That’s a stupid idea!
Whoops! There goes another rubber tree plant! Frank Whittle couldn’t get the British government to take up his new fangled jet engine at first. Where would we be without it now? Don’t be afraid of being ahead of your time – a lot of people are and don’t know it.

3. Only creative people always have good ideas.
Enough with this negativity. Everybody has good ideas – few of us act on them – that’s the difference!

4. Constructive criticism will help my colleague improve her ideas.
It’s all a question of how much, how often. Criticism can sharpen up ideas, but beware of people who just want you to drop the idea – they probably think it’s a good one, but don’t like to admit it.

5. We need some new ideas. Let’s get together and brainstorm ideas.
Good ideas can drop in at any time, but more often than not, come to you after restful sleep or at a quiet time in your day. Writing is better than brainstorming – ask any writer.

6. That’s a good idea. Let’s do it.
At first, this sounds like being positive, which is a good thing, but jumping into water to find out how deep it is might not be the thing. Sometimes the water’s too shallow.

7. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.
Everything can be improved, and people who say they can’t often only say that because they don’t have the energy to try something new.
8. I don’t need a notebook.
You do! “I’ll remember it.” - the famous last words of someone who forgets. Besides, writing things down brings out other thoughts and ideas.

9. I am creative. I don’t need to work at it.
Whoever said that is probably out of work, languishing on a couch somewhere. Creativity needs a hand – there are techniques to help you – Google them!
10. Creativity only applies to the arts.
Experts have found that kids who were not good at math got a whole lot better when they were encouraged to visualize quantities. Creativity applies to every facet of life.
Robert L. Fielding


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