Thursday, February 09, 2006

CONTACTS For writers

CONTACTS (For writers)

  1. Middle East/Gulf magazines on all sorts of topics:-

  2. Abu Dhabi publications:

  3. UAE Publications:

  4. Index to World newspapers with lots of topic areas and links to thousands of magazines:

  5. To create your own newspaper:

  6. CNN:

  7. The Robert Fielding Times:

  8. Gulf News:

  9. Gulf Newspapers link:


  11. 1001 Arabian networks:

  12. Freelance guidelines for Egypt Today:

  13. For UK magazines:

  14. UK magazine websites:

  15. Countrybookshop UK:

  16. Latest mp3 downloads:

  17. Mikesoldmags:

  18. Sell your story:

  19. Subscriptions to magazines:

  20. GiantExplorer for books and other things:"book"&source=go-nick-popul100k-050-book

  21. TechConnect magazine for software downloads etc:

  22. JournalismNet:

  23. Surfer for magazines:


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